Graffiti removal in Brussels
Graffiti removal in Brussels


It can be a bad experience to wake up one day and find graffiti on the external walls of your home or business. It can be particularly alarming if the graffiti is in poor taste or covers a large area of your property. Even if the graffiti on your building does not look particularly bad, you should get it cleaned as soon as possible. Existing graffiti only attracts more vandals and mischievous people to use your building’s walls as their canvas. When “graffiti artists’ see buildings with graffiti, they assume that the owner does not care and use it leave their own mark.

Graffiti is illegal in Brussels and culprits can be held liable to pay for the costs to clean it up. If the cost of getting graffiti cleaned is your main concern then you need not worry and get it cleaned as soon as possible. You can recover the costs later from the responsible person


Removing graffiti can be quite difficult. It is one of the most difficult building maintenance and cleaning jobs. Soap and water don’t work most of the time. The cleaner may need to use professional quality cleaning chemicals and equipment. The process requires washing, scrubbing, application of chemicals and then some more scrubbing. Cleaning difficulty depends on the quality of spray paint used.

Graffiti is easier to remove on some surfaces compared to others. For example, cleaning paint on uneven brick surfaces takes a lot longer than cleaning it from metal and glass. The cleaner would also need to make sure that surfaces are not damaged and cleaning does not leave any scratch marks.


Alina CleaN offers professional quality graffiti removal service in Brussels. Our cleaners have many years of experience in removing graffiti and paint from business properties and homes.

Our cleaners come equipped with all the necessary cleaning equipment and chemicals to do a thorough job. We can get rid of all kinds of paint from all types of surfaces. Our professionals will leave your walls, fences, windows, doors, brick or metal surfaces looking neat and tidy, free from paint marks.