Underground parking cleaning in Brussels
Underground parking cleaning in Brussels


Car parks are built in a variety of ways. These include underground, open lot or multi-storey car parks. Each one of them provides different types of utility to the drivers using the parking facility. At Alina Clean, we offer complete car parking cleaning services for both commercial customers and residential complex properties. Our reliable service can be hired for frequent sweeping throughout the day at designated times to improve the cleaning for your parking lot and making it convenient for public use. Car parks are usually quite big and they require a more extensive cleaning procedure than any other type of cleaning. Usually, they involve the use of power sweepers with vacuum to take out dust, debris and other types of trash from the lot. If car parks are not cleaned regularly and thoroughly, they can accumulate trash much more quickly due to cars coming in and going out. Messy car parks can become very inconvenient for customers. Since most customers pay for their parking space, it is only fair that they expect the parking lot will be maintained and cleaned regularly.

Alina Clean provides specialized car parking cleaning services in Brussels for all types of clients. We work with retail stores, shopping centers, education and health facilities, private offices, government institutes, residential apartment complexes and individual car park owners.


We understand that a clean car park at people’s home or office plays an important role in improving convenience and giving them the ease of mind. A car park that is well-maintained makes people more comfortable while parking their vehicles there.

On the other hand, car parks that are cluttered, with oil stains everywhere or deposits of dust and trash can make people wary about parking their vehicle there.

Furthermore, car park floors can become dirty with repeated use, if they are not cleaned regularly. This can reduced the lifespan of the floor, and the owner would need to renew the whole place much sooner. Not getting the parking lot cleaned regularly can end up costing the business more than the amount of money it would cost to get it cleaned regularly.


We provide car park cleaning services for all types and varieties of car parks. Our car park cleaning service includes the following:

  • Removal of trash and debris from car parks
  • Sweeping and vacuuming of car parking facilities
  • Pressure water washing and cleaning
  • Removal of stains, grease, food, organic compounds, paint and chemicals from the car park
  • For underground parks, cleaning includes the ceilings, stairwells and overhead pipe work